Date: 2017-07-07 12:00:00

Happy Friday! We have a fresh batch of fails from across the internet to help you kick off the weekend! In this compilation you will find a rapper who falls off the stage, an unfortunate interaction with a lion, and more. Have a great weekend, everybody!


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Two Skateboarders Fall Together After Trick Attempt
Dog Jumps on Boy Trying to Get Bubbles
Kid Falls Through Roof
Guy Eats it on High Bar
Lion Attacks Car on Safari Ride
Man Falls Trying to Jump Over Fence
Boy Falls Trying To Jump From Couch
Light Post Falls on Vehicle
Guy Flops into Foam Pit
Dirt Biker Nose Dives on Trail
Guy Tries to Swing and Flip Off Tree Branch and Falls
Man Gets Crushed by Barbell
Joust Attempt Ends in Fall
Skateboarder Shows Off Failed Attempts
Girl Flips Off Diving Board and Does Bellyflop
Semi Truck Crashes into Car
Two Men Fall off a Canoe
Man Trips on Fallen Tree
Man Gets Hit by Ball after Falling Off Skateboard
Plastic Plate Flies Off SUV and Crashes into Car
Tank Crashes into Lamp Post
Man Falls While Trying to Spray Coworker with Wine
Motorcyclist Attempt to Get Up Steep Hill
Biker Attempts to Jump Over Bench and Falls
Girl Breaks Sunglasses After Falling Off Skateboard
Woman Practices Machine Gun Tricks
Guy Falls Hard on Back After Flipping Off Swing
Woman Falls Down Doorsteps
Friends Fall Off Moving Car
Man Breaks Ramp Attempting Stunt on Bike
Cyclist Faceplants on Frozen Lake
Guy Falls off Chair While Singing
Man Falls Off Bicycle on Trail
Gender Reveal Box Falls on Kid
Man Slips Off Stage
Cat Launches Toy in Other Cat’s Face